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Icing syringe for cake and pastry decoration

Icing syringe for cake and pastry decoration

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Icing syringe - cake decoration

For cake decoration and fancy food decoration, this icing syringe is just the ticket. Made of hard clear and white plastic, with 8 plastic decorating tips or nozzles. The ribbed barrel is smooth inside and the nozzle and plunger unscrew for easy cleaning. You use the plunger to force the icing out the nozzle. Fairly sturdy, quality is good, made in China for Chef Craft.

When you want to create designs on cakes, pastries, cookies, cup cakes, pies, etc - you may choose between an icing syringe or a pastry bag. A pastry bag allows more subtlety of control, while an icing syringe is a little easier to control.

Measurements: Overall length is 7"; the barrel column is about 1-1/2" x 4". Most of the nozzles are about 1" long.

Icing syringe pricing: $2.79 each
Quantity discount: buy 12 or more for $2.42 each (that's 12 for $29.00)

We also have a pastry bag - click the Up button (bottom button on the left navigation bar.)

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